Accessing the Internet & mastering its uses

Accessing the Internet & mastering its uses

No fewer than 7 digital public spaces (DPS) are supported by the City of Brussels and its Social Action Public Centre (SAPC).

A digital public space (DPS) is a structure that welcomes members of the public for initiation and training courses on the Internet and IT as well as offering Internet access. The purpose of these DPS is to reduce the digital divide in terms of access and use.

In Brussels, locations specifically to provide DPS have been set up such as BruSurf (City Youth department), Double Click (Brussels SAPC) and DPS-Bravvo (Bravvo, City department for prevention and safety).

Other DPS have been set up within public libraries (Riches Claires, Laeken, Adolphe Max), a pavilion for the retired (Espace S) and a department in charge of employment and training (Employment and Training Centre).

Depending on the location, in addition to free access, beginner's courses may in particular be on offer for website navigation and searches, electronic messaging, multimedia, the creation of Internet content (sites, blogs), training, workshops and work placements.