Improved management of energy consumption in buildings

Since 2010, the year in which it was founded, the Energy Division has been responsible for the centralised follow-up and implementation of all the decisions of the College and the Municipal Council in connection with energy competence and in particular with a view to reducing the City's energy consumption, the rational use of energy and the energy control of the municipal construction.

Within the framework of follow-up for energy consumption by public sector buildings in the City, the Energy Division took part in a monitoring project on these buildings. Thanks to the installation of dataloggers on the ground, it is now possible to study the energy consumption levels of our buildings using an online software package called NR Click. This software allows closer follow-up of consumption (day D +1), which has sped up the detection of potential anomalies and facilitates the refining of regulation parameters. Alarms can also be programmed and the long-term objective is to communicate in a periodic manner with the occupants so as to begin an awareness-raising process.

In May 2015, ten sites were equipped and 20 further sites are currently under study. In the long run, the plan is to equip 70 sites in 2018 from among the total of 180 in the City. This represents approximately 90% of total energy consumption.