School connections getting faster and faster

The schools of the City of Brussels have gradually been connected to the Internet, but the movement has gained pace, as have connection speeds.

As long ago as the 1990s, the first schools were connected via rented lines whose bandwidth was 64kbps and 256kbps. Then in 2002 GIAL ensured the migration of these sites to an ADSL connection and the new IP/VPN network from Belgacom. At the same time, new schools were connected via ADSL. This amounts to around 60 sites with a maximum bandwidth of 1 Mbps for downloading and 128 Kbps for uploading. In 2009, a new migration took place, this time to the Explore platform and using mainly VDSL connections.

Today, secondary schools have signed up for the Fiber to the School regional project and are switching to a 100 Mbps fibre optic connection. In April 2015, 7 secondary schools benefited from this project. In 2019, the number of schools benefiting will be 19.

The various sites of the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer are already connected to the network of networks via a 100 Mbps connection.