A "smart" trip to the museum

The Museum of the City of Brussels offers an ingenious guide system.

This Museum - located in the Maison du Roi opposite the Brussels Town Hall offers its visitors an audio-visual guide that can be accessed by scanning (with your smartphone or tablet) a QR code displayed at reception. This access is free since the museum has a WiFi network. This system makes it possible to obtain in 4 languages (French, Dutch, English or German) the commentary of 15 major works (each one being numbered). These commentaries can be read under the conditions of comfort that a smartphone offers (the text is more legible than that placed on a case) or listened to.

The QR code refers you to web pages. There is, therefore, no need to download a special application or even for that matter a QR code reader, since visitors can connect simply by visiting the address www.musea.brussels/mobile.

The City Museum allows visitors who do not have a smartphone or tablet to hire a mini tablet (€2 with guarantee deposit of proof of identification).