Winners of the Smart City 2022 call for projects - Innovation Challenge

Smart City call for projects

Through the fifth edition of its "Smart City" call for projects, in the form of an Innovation Challenge, the City of Brussels aimed to support particularly innovative initiatives on its territory. The jury selected 6 varied winning projects that provide a response to the technological, resilience and sustainability challenges facing the City

  • Centre de Formation et d’Accompagnement du secteur de la Construction – MarollesTech : Creation of a space, in the "Fer et Bois" building of Marolles, intended to offer the inhabitants of the district support for digital learning, opportunities for creative development and awareness of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Verkeer Signalisatie & Elektronika – Digital Twin : Pilot project of a Digital Twin in the heart of Brussels, thanks to the deployment of 9 IoT sensors and the provision of a supervision platform for the municipal administration and citizens
  • EIT Food West CLC – Circular and inclusive school meals: Online platform to manage the collection of unsold food, its processing and distribution to schools
  • Arts et Publics –  On the road to cultures!: Digital video workshops for 16-18 year olds to develop video games to create links between citizens and cultural places
  • Ekowz – Smart citizenship: Raising awareness of the citizens of the City of Brussels, thanks to information stations on air quality and waste production, linked to connected objects and placed in public buildings
  • Parc Maximilien Farm – Towards the Brussels Smart Farm: Installation of connected scales to monitor the activity of the farm's beehives and provide open data on biodiversity in the city, and development of biodiversity training using an interactive whiteboard

In addition to a total of €50,000 in financial support and communication support from the City of Brussels, the winners have started a personalised innovation coaching journey with our partner Nova Reperta. Here are some pictures of the first coaching sessions, which helped to set objectives for the next 6 months.

Scoping session VSE


Scoping session Arts&Publics